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Sabtu, 21 Juni 2008

Love to Naui Chingu


In the name of Allah

Who has everything in the world

Who has Yaumul Qiyamah

Ya Malik

Ya Quduus

Ya Wahhaab

Ya Rahmaan

Ya Rahim

Ya Ghofur

Ya Hafidz

Ya Muqollibal Quluub

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘Alamiin

Astaaghfirullah hal Adzim

Onece more, in the name of allah

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘Alamiin

Fabiayyi alaa irabbikumma tukadzzibaan

Ya Rabb, syukron for the true love that You haave sennt with Your hand, through my friends

I’m crying I’m laughing

I’m saad I’m happy

I’m fool I’m proud

I’m angry I’m loving

With anything that they have written, I dunno whether it’s original or fake, but I believe in my deepest heart, that everything that they havve written isn’t fake.

Love, they’re so precious for me

Now, I’m understand that there’re friends who always take care me. There’re friends who know me more than my self.. There’re friends who want me to change, want me to don’t change. There’re friends who pretend that I’m so precious, that I’m so kind, that I’m so perfect. There’re friends who love me.

It’s so a precious gift for me God. I love them, because before that,

I always pretend that I have no foreveer friendss in this world and I always search in the unreached place that just sell lies.

Now, I’m understand that I’m false, My All. With this, I feel as tough You saay, “Jebal juwireul dorabwa.” To me. Aroound me, sstill many soul thaat so kind.

Although as long as this I don’t take care them yeet,

Although as long as this I don’t change yet,

Although as long as this, I have changed,

Although as long as this I don’t love them yeet,

Although aas long as this I’m not precious,

Although I’m not as kind as they pretend,

Although I’m not perfect at all

But I’m promise, naui chingu

I’ll change well

I hope you still keep your friendship feeling

I hope you still love me

I hope I’ll be a candle that shine in the dark

It’ll be a contemplation for me

I’ll never doubt you

You’re always be a precioous for me

Mianhe, naui chingu

If I neveer sincere my self to you

If I neveer open my heart to you

If I never show my original character to you

I I never explain my feeling to you

Mianhe, afwan, sorry, sumimasen….

Thank caause you have written your feeling about me

And Allah, thanks for Your show that You have given to me. It’ll be the unforgettable story, It’ll be eternity,








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