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Sabtu, 21 Juni 2008

It’s Just For You,,,,Oppa 2

I never know
Why can I falling in love with you?
I dunno Oppa,
Although not in the first sight,
But, I dunno why this feeling is so strong
I know, that you, in this moment, is so sad
Maybe you regret, “Why I replied my fans message? I can’t reply all of them now, I have made them disappoint, but I can do what?”
Maybe like that, I’m sorry Oppa if I’m mistake.
Did you know?
With know or without, you havve given a hope to yoour fans. Then, when you know that finally you can’t share your feeling justicely, I guess, you cried.
I’m sorry, oppa…
Coz maybe I have made you cried, have made you angry
Maybe coz my testi, that full of hope, you cried again
I’m sorry Oppaa……
I know thaat you’re so sad now
Feel mistake.

But Oppa,
I know your feelling.
Maybe if I become you, from the start I won’t reply my fans’ testi
You’re so kind Oppa
Before you, I neveer meeet the celebrities who ever reply their fans’ testi
Did you know why I sent a testi to you?
Coz from your friends testi, it gave a sign that you’re always reply them.
But, I had late when I sent it
I regret , why I didn’t sent it a few moment before..
Disappoint, coz you didn’t reply my testi. Did you know Oppa? When I know You gave a testi “how are you?” to someone but didn’t reply mine, I waas jealous. Do jealous Oppa, then I hate you, for the first time.
So disappoint Oppaa…….did u know the feeling?
Hurt, apha, meriang, sakiiiiiiitt……??? (^_^!)
I felt that I didn’t have any lifehope again.
Did you know why I can stand up again?
Coz His love Oppa, His love that I neveeer stop to reach it.
It’s the true love, through my life and my death..
I love Him, Oppa, and I wanna love Him more, in front of other love. Pleasse praaay for me Oppa (although I have known that it neveer reach Him), so that I can love Him more than you.
Oppa, Do my heartvoice never reach you?/
Are you okay if I don’t give you a support again?
I guess that you’re still okay, mine is nothing. Right oppa?
Oppa, I waanna cry and I wanna you too.
We’re crying because, we have done a lot of bad mistake, that maybe hurt other, disappoint other, destroy other..
We don’t do useful thing for our tomorrow day yet. Although we’ve know, that we never know when we’ll die and we have do nothing.

Have you tired?
Or boring with this letter?
Cause of that, jongmal mianhaeyo……
I add a new assignment to you, although I have known that you’re so busy.
Jongmal mianhaeyo Oppa?

O ya……Oppa……
Now, what’s your grade? 2 or 3?
Is in Korea therre national test when wwe’re in graade 3?
If yes, keep your spirit oppa!

Once more Oppa!
Don’t afraaid with this letter..
I’m still keeping my support to my Five Treasure Island..
I’m waiting for your 2nd album.
I’m waiting for the song that better than Sarangalhee, or Until You Come back, or The Person Who’s Closer to Tears.
Oppa,,keep spirit!
Still give your smile to us! KeYh?
Oppa, the last thing that I’ll say…..
Polaris is faar away from me. But if I remember you, It’ll next to me. You’re there Oppa……


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