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Sabtu, 21 Juni 2008

It’s Just for You,,,,,Oppa

Love is sweet torment,

Many people felt the pain of love,

Many people can laugh just cause of love,

Many people precious cause love,

Many people can stand up with the power of love,

Many people became paralysis because of love,

Many people cry because of love,

Many people became fool because of love,

Many people suffeer from waiting for love,

Many people became crazy cause love,

Many people fell because of love,

Many people became strength because of lovve,

Many people become weak because of love,

Many people die because of love,

Many people can survive because of lovve,

Yah, love can make us feel eveerything, make us do anything. If love know it, If lovve know everything that caaused of it. Will it cries? Will it stopped? Or eve, Will it laughs?

With love (that you neveer givve me but I can feel it),

I can smile longer,

I can laugh longer,

I can cry longer,

I can imagine longer,

The first sight didn’t give more. Just “like” feelling

The second sight, I’m still feelling the same

The third sight, I’m begin to feel the different of love

And in the fourth sight, I guess, I love u

I know it’s impossible love

You can’t reach me I can’t reach you

You can’t know me more, I can’t know you more

You’ll neveer meeet me, I’ll neveer meet you. Except if there’s a miracle…

But, I feel the great feeling. The feeling that can make my imagine fly to the Polaris. The feeling that can make me do the forbidden thinng. The feelling that can make me feel far away from Him.

I’m crying,

For love that I can’t reach.

I’mm crying,

For this false love.

I’m crying,

I can’t push this love.

I’m crying,

Why I love you and can’t love Him?

I’m crying,

Cause I can’t do anything..

I’m sorry,

Maybe you guess me crazy for this. I believe that you don’t feel the same..

I’m sorry,

Maybe if you know my feeling, you’ll shock, and oncee more, guess me maaad.

I’m sorry,

For my feeling to you.

And oout of that

I wanna thank you oppa.

You, have made me understand

About the power of love

You make me understand, to keep my love for him and left the forbidden love.

You make mee know about the love that I must reach

Once more,

Gomawo Oppa

Syukron Akhi Kabir


Terima kasih

Thank you

Arigatou gozaimasu

Xie Xie



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