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Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012

#NegeriOrangPart24: "Two Doors", Human's Greed?

Because of greed, the first crime in this world occured: Qabil killed Habil

I got two free tickets to watch indie film named "Two Doors" (두개의 문). Since it's free, in the first I don't care about the topic of this film. Although I knew this film is about Yongsan Tragedy, but actually I don't know what Yongsan Tragedy is.

Two Doors is a documentary film which is related with Yongsan Tragedy of 2009. This tragedy took the lives of five evictees (철거자) and one police of SWAT (경찰 특공대) unit member. In case of actualize Yongsan Industrial District blue print, Korean government displacing some of Yongsan citizens to the other place. But there are some problem about compensation that has to be given to evictees. Because the compensation was much too little, those evictees demonstrated against government.


Although they have demonstrated many times, the government still didn't want to give compensation as citizens demanded. But they still thought that demonstration is the last chance for them to get their word across to the government. That's why at January 19th, they decided to keep stay at one building in Namildong. They brought fire bombs, baseball, etc for their defense.

However, the Head Police, Kim Seok-gi, decided to use violence to end this demonstration. He sent SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) to this area. But if you hear 'SWAT' -a riot police- you can think that there is a big chaos. Not just a demonstration, but a really big demonstration, terrorist, or a case that police cannot solve it. But actually it was just a small scale demonstration. The redevelopment plant was devised eight years before the incident, and 80% of 439 evictees have moved out. Just 26 evictees, or 6%, climbed the watchtower to fight their rights to the end. If you just became  policeman, could you think to call SWAT team in order to get over the demonstrans? They were just 26 people, man! And they were citizens, not terrorists!

Six people were died at that time because of firebombs. But that left one question. Was it police's fault that caused fatal death accident or firebombs that evictees threw?

No evidence, nor video that can undisclosed the truth.
There were about 20 people placed in 6 location that filmed that tragedy. But there were no video that filmed when 5 evictees and 1 policeman died. Nor the other moments before that tragedy. How could they didn't film all of the incident?

One witness stated that he heard someone said "다 죽어" (All were dead). But he didn't know who said that. Moreover, it was ambigue statement. It could mean all were dead, or kill all of them! (in Korea). As a conclusion, some evictees were charged caused this incident. They were sentenced for 5~6 years.

We can see both sides of this tragedy. The first side is--although in the first it seems I agree with the evictees--why did demonstrans chose the last method, sacrifying their life to climb watchtower in freeze winter? Although it was their defense against the police, but why they threw firebombs across the road. There were many people and public facilities there.

And the other side is, why police sent SWAT team to get over those people? They were just 26 people. In some cases, maybe using violence is right but...

Through this film, I realized that something called Riot and Chaos will never disappear from this world. Greed, that is the point. Regarding to Yongsan case, we can say that Korean government just focused on economic development and reputation of "clean and modern city" but they forgot something that more important than that, humans, citizens. Without citizens, there will be no country, there will be no nation. Country is not just a miniature, not just a blue print, right?

But we can say that the demonstrans had chosen the 'wrong way' to express their rights too. Sometimes it is right that something like that can change government's mind or rule, but when it is too risk, and use violence in their way, it is too risk to say that it is exactly true. Although for defense, we cannot deny that firebombs can destroy public facilities, hurt citizens, etc.

Because human is not an angel, that 'greed' appetite absolutely exsists in human's life. But-again-because we are human, we can control that. That's why we can see people who always down to earth, they care about material but  not greedy with it.

To make peace real, I think there is just simple solution. Control our greed, and become human as they should be.

Sorry if you find some uncorrect vocabulary or grammar in this passage.
Oh God, I wanna improve my english skill ㅠ,ㅠ

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