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Kamis, 02 Agustus 2012

#NegeriOrangPart12: Enjoying The World in 120 Minutes?

I always have a dream to go around this world. All part of this world. When I read some books that they tell about famous building in this world, I just can guess. Especially when I read Dan Brown novels, that told about famous museum, church, parks, etc I just can guess what they look like. You know that novel doesn't have a picture right? 

Although just a miniature, at least I can see the real shape of these building, which Dan Brown wrote in his novels...

Aiins World, a place that you can see many famous building in this world...

Aiins World Main Gate...

Lets start from Europe Zone, United Kingdom

Thames Bridge. But can u see Petronas Tower behind it? LOL

I guess u know this place. Stonehenge...

Westminster Abbey

Oh Gosh, I forgot what is this place...

I like this photo, Eiffel is so cool. Just wait me until I get there...

Arch of Triumph in France

Louvre Museum, Dan Brown wrote about this place in The Da Vinci Code, right? At least I know what this place looks like...

Basilica of The Sacred Heart in Paris

Chateau de Chambord in Loire
In front of Palace of Versailles
Basilica de San Pietro

I bet you know this place well. Yapz, Colloseum 

Milan Chatedral

Sagrada Familia Church in Spain

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedachtniskirche in Germany. What the name!

Neuschwanstein. I like this photo so much :)

Acropolis in Greece. Place where I just can wonder in
Shopie's World by Jostein Gaarder

I will go to this place, St. Basil Chatedral in Russia!

And then, lets go to Africaa..!

Who doesn't know Pyramid? This one is
The Great Pyramid of Cheops, Khufu

The Great Temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt


There is one of West Asia...
Petra in Yordan. I just wondering how these places
can be built at the mountain?

That's why there was something weird when I guess
that it's Mt. Everest. It's Mt. Kilimanjaro man!

Let's go to Latin America!

Chicen Itza in Mexico. If u ever read about Yucatan
civilization, this was they left for us

Macchu Picchu, a mysterious city of Inca

And now we are going to America...

Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

The Capitol and The Obelisk

Mountain Rushmore Memorial. Wishing your face there? :)

World Trade Centre and the other buildings.
Reminds us about September 11st tragedy, right?

Statue of Liberty

And Asia now is coming...
Kumamoto Castle in Japan

The Great Wall in China. That such a great!

Taj Mahal in India. Reminds me of love and sacrifice

Petronas Tower in Malaysia

Gyeongbokgung Palace in South Korea

And the last, this' Sydney Opera House

It's so sad when I can't find Indonesia's famous place or bulding here...
Hoping some time, My friends and I will make Indonesia better, make the world looking at us. Yes, some time.

Come to this place makes me know more about this world. How big this world is! And make my dream and willing to go over the world stronger.

It started from South Korea, and to the other place... Soon...



P.S. Aiins World is located near Incheon, in Bucheon exactly. You can take Seoul subway line 1 and stop in 송내역 (Songnae Station). From there you can taxi to go to Aiins World. Again, it is not recommended to go in summer. That's so hot you know? :)
Enjoy the world in One Day!

3 komentar:

Deni Setyawan mengatakan...

wow that was great report
i thought you not taken a lot of pictr out there

Asma Azizah mengatakan...

kkk,,,kak Deni~~
yupz,because I wanna write in my blog,,so I have to take many pic right?
ayo ke incheon lagi~~~

Asma Azizah mengatakan...

kkk,,,kak Deni~~
yupz,because I wanna write in my blog,,so I have to take many pic right?
ayo ke incheon lagi~~~