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Sabtu, 20 Juli 2013

#NegeriSaya How Are You, Indonesian Maritim?

I was wondering, how my country's maritim is now? No, I was thinking that I can't imagine at all this idiom, "Our ancestral was a sailor."

Nenek moyangku seorang pelaut
Gemar mengarung luas samudra
Menerjang ombak tiada takut
Menempuh badai sudah biasa...

FYI, I search that lyric on google..! Gosh, my grandfather always sang that song when I was a child, but now I forgot all. WHY?

Maybe because I can't even imagine what does it mean, "Our ancestral was a sailor."
I live in land--nor the rice field, and went to the beach twice in one year, when I got vacation. And because I was still child, I can't know how sailorman's life is. 

It's ironic when remembered that my--our--country is 1/4 land and 3/4 sea. But when Soeharto lead this country 15 years ago, it is said that he was focused just on agrarian potency, forgetting 75% Indonesia's maritim potency. Green Revolution, something which always come in school books. 

I didn't realize that I have forgotten this idiom, "Nenek moyangku seorang pelaut." but now I realized.

One display at ARTJOG 13 which took 'Maritim' theme
A long time ago, sea is living us. Sea was a harbour, which connect one continent with the others. People knew other lands through sea and harbour, knew how to do bussiness. Through the sea, spieces in East World can be tasted by West people. Although through the sea, people started to colonize other lands. 

Floating Continent--show us that human lives on the earth which is floating on the sea. Sea is the basic 
Actually human's life is same with ship wandering. Sailing the life, which will stop one day
Even Indonesia's man, have shown their respect to the sea, offer a sacrifice to sea's God (I don't say that it is truly right), show us that actually human has known that sea is not a thing that you can ignore. There is a power, there is a potency, there is a life there. Just standing in front of sea with its big wave, made me feel small as a human. Human is nothing, but claim theirself as something.

Pasir Island, in the edge of Indonesian archipelago, just facing their coral extinction
Indonesia now has lost both, sea and land. We can't pride anymore our maritim area which is 3/4 of Indonesia, just printed on material books. Nor the land, since people start to throw rice--without any reason, without thinking that it is made by the sweat of farmer's brow (include me). 

Human'swandering about this land, this life--Lunang
Lunang adalah sebuah kisah mengenai sebuah pencarian...

Lunang adalah sang nusantara....

Lunang adalah sebuah kisah mengenai pencarian.
Yang dibangun dari pengalaman kami; bahwa menelusuri bekas kota-kota bandari di masa lampau, menjajaki peninggalan kejayaan kota-kota di pantai utara Jawa, atau menyanyikan lagu "Nenek Moyangku Seorang Pelaut" sejak kecil ternyata tak cukup mampu membawa kami memahami apakah itu hidup dengan adab kelautan.

Lunang adalah sebuah kapal kecil,...

Lunang, adalah sang peradaban laut yang mungkin sedang kita cari, itu pun jika kita memang bisa menemukannya
--at Lunang's quote

After visiting ARTJOG13, Taman Budaya Jogjakarta


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